Our Beliefs

Crosspoint Community Church is a church and community knowing and embracing Jesus as Lord.

At Crosspoint, we recognize that there is brokenness in the relationship between us and our Creator, as well as brokenness in relationships between each other. Try as we might, there is nothing that we can do on our own to fix this brokenness. 

Thankfully, God loves all of us, as well as his creation. In mercy, God has provided a mediator, or rescuer, namely Jesus Christ. Jesus is the perfect rescuer, sent by God into this world to restore that which was broken! Through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus we are made right with God and we can look forward to eternal life in heaven with him. Also, God the Spirit is sent from heaven to make people alive, transforming us to become more like Jesus. By God’s Word and Spirit, Jesus’ followers are empowered to be on mission with Jesus: celebrating Jesus’ victory, working towards justice and goodness in our community, and sharing the news of God’s rescue plan for the whole world.

With all the benefits of forgiveness for disobedience, renewed life and purpose, what could stop you from accepting God’s gifts?