Our Missionaries

Find out more about our missionaries, Ly and Navy Chan

Crosspoint supports Ly & Navy Chan who work in Cambodia with Resonate Global Mission. Navy tells their story this way:

Ly and I were born in Cambodia and were children when the Khmer Rouge regime took power. Being separated from our parents, forced to work in labour camps, and fleeing to refugee camps in Thailand are parts of our stories. In 1981, during this time of violence, uncertainty, and strife, we became believers of Jesus, and the Lord brought Ly and me together in marriage.

In 1985 we immigrated to Canada, but the needs of Cambodia were never far from our hearts. In 1998 we returned to Cambodia for ten years with World Renew working in Community Development. We also saw the need and heard God’s call for us to join His mission in building up His church.

Ly and I have become more involved with local churches, their members, and the surrounding communities. We began implementing Timothy Leadership Training (TLT), and we are thankful to be leadership developers with Resonate. We are now the National Coordinators for the TLT Institute in Cambodia.

The photo shows Ly & Navy when they visited Crosspoint in September 2022.